Core drilling tips

Concrete contractors who are required to perform concrete core strength tests have a few options when it comes to core drilling. They can hire a testing lab or concrete sawing and drilling company to drill the cores, or they can choose to drill the cores themselves. Regardless of who drills the cores, make sure you have a written core test program that considers the proper place in a wall or slab from which to extract cores and how to handle cores once you remove them from the concrete.

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What is a concrete saw?

A concrete saw is a power tool designed for cutting through concrete and other masonry material. It utilizes hand-held operation or walk-behind, similar to a tiller. A concrete saw can have a chain, circular, or jig blade, like many other varieties of power saws,. Powered by electricity, gasoline, air, or hydraulics, a concrete saw uses either abrasive or diamond blade cutting technology and is designed for either dry or wet sawing.

There are a number of applications for a concrete saw. Brick, concrete, and cement can be cut out for repair, demolition, or modification.

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What is a window well?

Window wells are small structures positioned outside ground-level/semi-basement windows that allow more light to enter and keep soil and water away from window. Usually a few feet or a meter deep and filled with a small layer of gravel to drain the well. Window wells are both practical and decorative and, with a small amount of upkeep, will improve the strength and look of ground-level windows.

Wall-sawing photos

Here are some photos of a wall sawing job done recently.


Our employees are the most valuable part of our company. We are completely dedicated to protecting the safety and health of all our employees. Compliance with requirements of regulatory agencies is secondary to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. At Lakeside Concrete Cutting, safety is valued as highly as quality and productivity. Performing a job safely is just as important as meeting deadlines and providing quality service. A safe workplace leads to greater productivity and quality craftsmanship.

An effective safety program must also have the involvement and commitment of all employees. Our employees are faced with making decisions in the construction field every day. Our training and experience following safe practices enables us to make educated and responsible decisions. Our employees assist each other by promoting safety and good health practices each and every day.

Our safety program has established a culture of safety awareness which we carry with us to each job site we visit. We have the ability to identify potential hazards and the authority to mitigate or eliminate them. Together with our employees, we will prevent accidents every day.

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