Core Drilling ~ How big of a hole do you need?

Lakeside Concrete Cutting’s core drills and diamond bits can cut holes from 1⁄2” diameter to 36” in diameter. The depth we can drill is virtually unlimited. Holes can be drilled level, plumb or on an angle either above or below ground. We typically drill walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, manholes, bridges and road surfaces. We drill concrete, granite, brick, block and asphalt. Our core bits can cut through rebar and other steel shapes as well. Drilled holes are often used for routing piping or conduit through walls.
We have both electric and hydraulic powered core drills. While we can core drill “dry,” we normally connect a water hose to the core drill to prevent dust. We attach our drill to the wall with a disposable anchor. For anchoring to brick, block or hollow precast walls, we usually need access to both sides of the wall to through-bolt a piece of threaded rod. For small (one inch to four inch) diameter holes, we can use a hand- held core drill which does not require any anchoring. For coring smooth surface slabs, we attach our drill to our vacuum-suction base which also avoids anchoring.

Window Well Installation

Interested in adding an egress window in your basement? In addition to sawing your wall, we can provide excavation and installation of your new window well!

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hilti saw at work

Wall Sawing

Lakeside Concrete Cutting has the sawing equipment and manpower to cut your concrete opening. We have the experience and we take the care to perform our cutting plumb and level.
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Floor Sawing

For our larger floor sawing projects, we have several walk-behind style floor saws and are capable of cutting through slabs up to 26” thick.
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Bulkhead Installation

When residential customers want to add outdoor access to their existing below grade basement, we can help.
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