Setting up the brackets and the motor of the wall saw.P1010390(2)

 Attaching the saw blade to the saw motor.P1010392(2)


  Side view of the wall that will be completely cut out!P1010394(2)


Adding the guard over the blade for SAFETY!!P1010398(2)


The Controller That Elliott will use to move the Wall Saw.P1010402(2)


Elliott Making sure everything is set up correctly!P1010403(2)


  View from below the Wall Saw.P1010405(2)



 Full view of the front of the wall.  This wall will be cut out in fifteen pieces.  The track of the Wall Saw will be reset several times.P1010407(2)


The Wall Saw Makes approximately six passes to slice through this twelve inch wall.P1010418(2)


 A closer look.  As you can see on the left Water is draining from the saw.  The Water is used to cool the blade and prevent dust.P1010412(2)


This is a view of the cut the Wall Saw has made after two passes.  The accurate set up of the tack by our Team is key to allowing the Wall Saw to create straight cuts.  P1010419(2)


 After the first Horizontal cut is finished the blade is moved to a vertical position.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Once each Vertical cut is finished a Bridge Crane securely lifts the section outSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES                                                           

It is then carefully lowered to the ground.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This process is repeated over and over until the Wall is completely removed.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


 Excellent job done buy our skillful team Elliott, Randy, and Ben!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES